Now, please focus on Tor and its future

The Tor community is boiling with infighting as high-profile member Jacob Appelbaum have left the project — after allegations of sexual misconduct (and alleged sociopathic behavior).

I know nothing about what’s really going on. I don’t know the involved parties. And the more I read, the more muddled the whole affair seems to be.

(This has been all over the news, there are allegationsrebuttalscounter-arguments and a lot of discussion and speculations.)

My main concern is: What about Tor?

Tor is an important tool for people all over the world, who need to be anonymous on the Internet. In some cases, it’s really a matter of life or death.

No matter how you view the Appelbaum case. There is an obvious risk that all of this will derail the entire Tor project.

Having seen the Swedish and the German Pirate Parties going down in flames after infighting, I can recognize some sort of underlying tone in the Tor dispute. Conflicts in tech-oriented communities often tend to spiral out of control and reason.

This will lead to no good, believe me.

Now, please focus on Tor and its future.


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