A free and open society?

Once again, a senseless terror attack.

Once again, politicians are telling us that we must stand up for a free and open society.

Of course we must. But do they?

Western democracy is slowly being hollowed out. It’s getting ever more secretive and less transparent. Power is being centralized and is moving further away from the people. It is getting ever more difficult to participate in and to scrutinize the decision-making process. Free citizens are being reduced to subordinates.

Civil and human rights are being eroded – e.g. when it comes to the rule of law and the right to privacy.

Free speech is being curbed, the Internet is being censored and people are being told what to think. The so-called fake news is being fought by trying to limit free information instead of giving people more, different sources.

Of course, terrorists and religious fanatics are very real threats to a free and open society. But so are our politicians.


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  1. Mike April 11, 2017 at 1:43 pm #

    Last Friday’s atrocities in Stockholm raise several questions that will neither be asked of the politicians or answered.

    The first one is: “Why did the Swedish government send Swedish troops to Iraq and Afghanistan when it is obvious that it would make Sweden the target of retribution? How many Swedish citizens are you prepared to sacrifice by continuing to support American imperialism?”

    The second one is: “Despite Sweden’s data retention laws having been determined to be incompatible with EU human rights law, the government continues to treat all Swedish citizens as criminals. The excuse for this behavior was to protect Swedish citizens from terrorism. As this has so obviously failed, when will you be complying with EU human rights law and scrapping the Swedish data retention laws?”

    These questions will never be asked by mainstream media and even if they are asked by others who actually understand what integrity is, satisfactory answers will never be given.


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