Apple, please help to save private e-mail encryption

After the latest Mac OS upgrade (Sierra) – GPG encryption of mail doesn’t work. Apparently, the GPGTools-people need to do a lot of reverse engineering. And as they kindly offer the world encryption for free their resources are limited.

This might lead to people turning away from e-mail encryption, at a point in time where more people ought to take it up. This should be an argument strong enough for Apple to give the GPG-team a helping hand.

But there are also other implications that ought to catch Apple’s attention:

  • If GPG does not work, people might refrain from updating their Mac OS.
  • All new Macs are delivered with Sierra, forcing people who have invested in new Apple hardware either to quit using e-mail encryption or using a cumbersome workaround.
  • People who still want GPG/PGP encryption might – or rather will – turn away from the Mac platform to Windows or Linux.

It is clearly in Apple’s best interest to get GPG mail encryption working again.



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