Trump and mass surveillance: You were warned

Suddenly, after the US presidential election, people seems to realize that mass surveillance is a problem.

Time Magazine: President Obama Should Shut Down the NSA’s Mass Spying Before It’s Too Late »

Well, yes. But…

Isn’t mass surveillance a problem, regardless of who is in power?

Isn’t it naive to assume that others will not and do not misuse the surveillance apparatus?

Time writes:

During the Obama administration, warrantless spying programs have vastly expanded, giving the government more power than ever before to constantly monitor all of us by collecting our emails, texts, phone records, chats, real-time locations, purchases, and other private information en masse. This indiscriminate spying isn’t just happening in some National Security Agency bunker. It has reportedly spread throughout dozens of agencies, from local police departments to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Internal Revenue Service, and more.

Trump has repeatedly called for more government surveillance. And he has made it very clear exactly how he would use such powers: to target Muslims, immigrant families, marginalized communities, political dissidents, and journalists.

This describes pretty well what the problem is and who is responsible.

The danger of all of this one day falling into the »wrong« hands ought to have been obvious from the very beginning.

It’s naive to claim that Big Brotherism is a problem in just some cases, used by some political forces, with some specific justifications. Mass surveillance is a problem by its very nature and to its core – regardless who is in power. Always.

Naturally, the mass surveillance apparatus in the hands of Donald Trump is a deeply disturbing notion.

But you should have considered such a risk from the very beginning. You were warned. Repeatedly.


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