Snowden: Norway gives no guarantees

Norway can issue no guarantee that Edward Snowden will not be extradited to the US, should he visit the country. This a Norwegian court decided Monday. The court argues that such guarantees can not be given when it comes to someone who is not presently inside the country.

In other words: Go to Norway first. Then we will see what happens.

This is hardly reassuring, as Norway is a Nato member with close ties to the US.

It is notable that the Norwegian court does not seem to subscribe to the general human rights principle that no one should be extradited for political “crimes”.

Why Norway? Reuters:

Snowden was granted asylum in Russia, which borders Norway, in 2013. He had been invited to Norway to receive a freedom of speech award from the local branch of writers’ group PEN International, but worried that he would be handed over to the United States, his lawyers have said.

Business as usual. No western democracy is willing to offer Snowden refuge.

At the same time, western politicians and intelligence mandarins are trying to use the fact that Snowden is staying in Russia to discredit him – thus creating an absurd example of circular reasoning.

It is not just about Snowden. As long as this goes on, our political leaders clearly demonstrate that they side with the forces of mass surveillance – not with the people.

And they get away with it, as nobody seems to care.


Reuters: Norwegian court rejects Edward Snowden lawsuit on free passage »


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