UN backtracking on web policing and licensing for social networks

Recently the United Nations Broadband Commission for Digital Development suggested that social networks and platforms should police the Internet and to be “proactive” against harassment and violence against women and girls. Only web platforms doing so should be licensed. (Link»)

Now the commission has withdrawn its report after criticism from across the political spectrum. Breitbart.com reports…

“The report was by all accounts incredibly poorly researched, with over 30 per cent of its citations links either broken or missing. Others linked to articles from the early 2000s which accused video game companies of promoting satanism, while another linked to the local hard drive of a researcher.” (…)

“Despite the isolated attempts to defend the report, its flaws became too apparent for even the U.N Broadband Commission to defend. Its withdrawal pending review is an acknowledgement that the launch was a failure. For the friends of web censorship, it will be remembered as a major embarrassment.”

Sometimes protests works.

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