EU ministers dodge issues about a free and open Internet

This week EU justice and home affairs ministers met in Riga. Associated Press reports…

Home Affairs Commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos told reporters in Riga that the EU needs to deepen cooperation with the Internet industry “and to strengthen the commitment of social media platforms in order to reduce illegal content online.” (…)

“We are now taking this cooperation further by deepening dialogue … in order to develop concrete, workable solutions,” Avramopoulos said.

So, basically they repeat what they said at their emergency “look as if you know what you are doing” meeting in Paris.

But what does it mean? It’s totally unclear. So, the ministers are dropping the ball in the lap of their national leaders at the next EU summit. Who, probably will pass it on to the EU-US security summit in February. Maybe the US security apparatus will have an idea or two…

Much is at stake: A free and open Internet. Freedom of speech. Religious freedom.

We might have reached a point where politicians have run out of symbolic political gestures. If so, it’s dangerous. Now, all they have left is going after our human and civil rights.



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